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Are You Having Fun? (2023) is an on-going photo series and video collage that critically examines the performative behavior within NYC college parties post-2020. Fascinated by moments like my friends kissing strangers, the passing around of vape pens, and that one extra person who drunkenly reveals too much information about themselves, I photograph recreated parties held in my small room to explore how a party’s flashing lights and drug-infected and noisy environment informs the social interactions that form the foundation of a typical college party. Through a montage of found video and images pulled from the archives belonging to myself and my friends, the seemingly endless party is shown as a mirror that reflects and reinforces of Internet and pop culture. Taken together, these works highlight the viewpoint of a party wallflower. Outlining the narrative arc of a night out, my video collage is a reflection on the way that the college party scene is both mirrored and shaped by what is posted to social media. Starting with the way that music influences an “actual” party - when an unpopular song plays, a party’s energy falls; when your favorite song plays, you sing along - I layer soundbites of conversation layered over a mix of songs reminiscent from my favorite movie party scenes. By adding archive footage - found from the camera rolls of myself and my close friends - the energy of the room is authentically portrayed through its low resolution, shaky quality, fast-paced moshing and slow-motion disco spins. This collage of videos of varying perspectives, made under the same illusion of flashing lights to the same soundtrack, paints a frenetic picture of the ultimate NYC college party experience. Ending with a 360 degree pano shot around my bedroom and an extreme close of my teary eyes, the reflection of the party night happens metaphorically and visually.

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