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The Universe of Violet (2024)

A mixed media collage (25 x 29 in)

The Universe of Violet is a mixed media collage with three booklets, including excerpts from scripts titled Dear Harper, Dear Miles, and Dear Cherry. Posing as Violet in the self-portraits, her character is an idealized version of myself in which she explores passions and relationships different than mine. The collage pieces reflect Violet’s memorabilia  (found and created objects) and how she connects with the love interest characters. Each booklet details a different life of Violet’s, searching for a narrative that reimagines my life through the lens of the romance genre.

Violet H.
Universe #729
(Dear Harper)
Los Angeles, CA 2018


Violet Y.
Universe #422
(Dear Miles)
Wolford County, WA


Violet M.
Universe #627
(Dear Cherry)
San Francisco, CA


The Universe of Violet Booklets
3 x 5 in


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