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yours truly by abby jimenez
chapter six: harmless

i chose you i trust you i love you and i’m still picking up all the pieces i always try to hide it from you my brokenness i know you know it too when every second it matters when we’re together i’m actively picking up myself and you don’t compliment me like you used to and you leave me reminders of how to light my life on fire you are stronger than me i would’ve hated loving me back then i think you want your own life now but i haven’t had the chance to love you here the table’s worn down so many years have passed and i love you because i trust you you told me to trust so now i have to love

blue hour

it’s blue hour when i see you for the first time we’ve seen it all all but nothing with you i let it flicker like a dream retrofitted like a dream i’ll walk to the edge of the world where land meets water so the waves remind me my love lives in ebbs and flows sky’s painted over with no light in your eye i don’t hear an exchange in words it’s like we’ve said it all praying for a dying wish let my love remain with you when the tide takes me back no longer needed in the sea just enough to find what i need

like a breath of fresh air

i dreamt i said it there and then i finally found the words cause i had been holding my breath for so long and part of the piece finding the air again happened with you feeling like i had the space to let myself live again in the rooms always with you maybe you never had to hold your breath for times like mine so you won’t understand exactly what you are to me hoping i gave you the courage for something equally great maybe not a chance for survival something like success layered over the good and happy and funny time and time again i finally found my voice just in conversation with you

for something special

i would work until i got it right something special with you hiding my love in plain sight through written words check between the lines for a retelling of our history a tale as old as time i poured my heart out in these papers so i’d try again for something special you’re always worth my time here and forever close and far apart this is something special only you could see it through only you could love me close only you could balance the waves when i think of how little i’ve done how i’ve seen nothing but with you my life is everything it finally becomes special i finally stopped searching every time you find me again i need nothing more from the world than what is right here between us

in your eyes

i wish i knew the story told with your eyes how you wake up and the first thing on your mind i know i love your mind ours would fit like puzzle pieces interlocked i wonder of the sound of your voice the moment your mind wakes how it would sound against the sheets fallen over your face the grumble in your laugh the hair on your head out of place but you don’t know it and the last thing on your mind before you know it the day is new i want to know the story fix the missing pieces of mine and fill it with yours

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