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past lives by celine song
chapter four
different language
a mile away

thought of your face as i sat on the plane holding back tears remembering your favorite movie in the car sleep deprived and even further away from you but every song i hear is like you’re next to me and im going home on a friday night cutting through traffic on sixth ave a sea of drunk people wishing it could be my life again with you the restaurant window framed you perfectly it was like watching a movie from a mile away wondering if this was your life when i wasn’t around wondering if there was any time you watched me like a movie a mile away

lost again at loving you

vision of my dream again finding myself in deja vu a room full of rocks is all you ever wanted a lonely woman protecting the only thing she’s ever loved dozens of strangers invading the fake space a knock at the door caught us again stopping me from loving you even in a dream i’m lost again trying to love you i lost again at loving you

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