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happy place by emily henry
chapter two
in every universe
always my happy place

do you think we’ll ever find it? something like southern California the sand, the beach something like your family’s house the hills, the sunset something like a Parisian apartment the rain, the records sometimes it feels close i guess i’ve seen it i think about the things i have to do to find it the order of songs to put me exactly there will we have a happy place with happy people? it seems like the happiest place watching all of us in love sometimes i remember i’ve seen it before i remember the way the sun beat down the way i loved you with ocean soaked hair i remember the words that hit too close the way my inebriated body leaned into yours i remember mother nature’s tears and mine the way my hand went instantly to your’s you were always my happiest place so afraid of letting go or seeing fade away i never knew what made you happiest so maybe i’ll try to find out find out the genre you wish your life could be anywhere with you is always my happiest place any genre in the world won't stop me from finding you again

the thought of you loving me

i liked it the thought of you loving me i knew i crossed your mind the way it worked the way it liked talking in person the way it saw art all throughout the world i knew you saw something bigger within me you did it with ease and care and it started to look like love you saw me like i wanted to be seen like i deserve to be seen and yet i wanted something else i wanted you to see beauty in me i wanted you to drop it all and call me beautiful just once if you saw the beauty in the world and paid attention then by seeing me, i’d hope you’d find me beautiful, too i hope you make art out of me

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